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After looking at all options to resolve our debt on our own, my wife and I decided to look for a bankruptcy attorney after credit card companies were not interested in working with us. They began calling our house constantly everyday which became very stressful. I search the Internet and came across Barbie’s contact information and read comments from people who she had helped. We decided to email Barbie and gave her information on our situation. Very soon after I sent the email, Barbie called me and we briefly discussed our issue. I was able to meet her at her office very soon after. Barbie right away discussed the bankruptcy process and how it can help remove all of our credit card debt. After speaking and meeting with her I felt we had made the right decision on having her represent us in bankruptcy court. For the creditors’ meeting, it was nerve racking for us. But Barbie assured us that it would be alright and guided us on how to answer questions from the Trustee. We practice on our way to the court house and felt prepared. It was interesting to see how other attorneys were not well prepared for this meeting, but Barbie is on top of everything. She had all the paper work with her and even wrote and sent a letter to the trustee way before our meeting. She took the time to listen, treated us like human beings and always there to answer our questions, either by phone or email. I would highly recommend Barbie to anyone in need of a GREAT attorney. Thank you Barbie for helping us through this difficult time in our lives. You are the BEST!!!!!!
Miguel & Claudia
Thank you Barbie...I was in dire need of help. My divorce, job injury and daughters education led me to financial distress. I cannot thank you enough for the professionalism and breath of fresh air you provided, during such a stressful time with my bankruptcy proceedings. From the first phone call to the final step you were there for me. My life is gradually improving and I have you to thank. I would recommend you to all. Again , thank you.
Barbie - I want to thank you for being such a great lawyer!! One night after many years of ignoring my financial instability I decided that enough was enough. I decided to confront the reality I was ignoring. Searching through many websites and making calls I found Barbie Lieber. I'm so thankful for that; not only did Barbie talk to me like a lawyer but also as an adviser that opened my eyes to how, when and why Chapter 7 was my option. Barbie listened and analyzed my situation; I told her everything about my situation with my house and credit cards. The filing process was done within days of meeting; I was impressed how fast and efficient she is. Barbie prepared me from day one until the last meeting with the trustee. She was always on point with follow-ups and responded to calls/emails with questions I had. During the meeting of creditors, other lawyers were missing paperwork from their clients and were puzzled about their own cases--not Barbie, she is very thorough, organized and confident. She will definitely be recommended to my family and friends who may have similar situations. I'm so amazed and glad Barbie helped me move out this stressful situation. Thank you for all your help and dedication. I wish all lawyers were as nice and smart as you, hopefully you’ve be able to help out New Yorkers for many years. Take care and have a wonderful year, you just made mine!"
Lieber & Lieber, LLP  -  60 East 42nd Street,  -  New York , NY 10165  -  646-233-3669